4 Common Allergic Skin Conditions and How We Diagnose Them

Allergies and asthma clinic

While there are many common skin conditions that cause itchiness and bumps, it is important to get a good diagnosis. Allergies and asthma clinics can help you with allergy tests so that you know exactly how to protect you and your children from breakouts.

Our team in Arkansas has had extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Here are four common allergic skin conditions that we can help you treat immediately.

1. Hives

You can recognize hives by the red welts that show up on your skin. Hives occur when you are exposed to allergens in your environment. They can occur at any part of your body and are usually bumpy. If your hives last less than six weeks, the condition is called acute urticaria. If it lasts longer than six weeks, we call it chronic urticaria.

2. Eczema

Eczema is sometimes called atopic dermatitis. It is one of the most common skin conditions we see, affecting up to 20 percent of kids and 3 percent of adults. The symptoms aren’t hard to spot: dry and itchy skin, sometimes red with bumps or that ooze yellowish of clear liquid.

3. Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis happens as an allergic reaction if your skin comes in contact with an irritant, often found in soaps or detergents. Some people get this reaction from certain metals and jewelry. The most common symptoms are a dark rash, blisters, itching, and burning.

4. Angioedema

Angioedema allergies occur when the area beneath your skin, called mucosa, starts to swell. We see it often around the face and throat, but also the limbs and genitals.

Diagnostic Tests for Allergens

At our asthma and allergy clinic, it is our priority to identify exactly what is the root cause of your skin condition. After taking our tests, you will get a proper diagnosis and correct treatment.

While the above four causes of skin conditions may apply, there are other allergies you may be suffering from. Everything from dust mites to medication and food that is affecting your body negatively.

To do this, we do physical examinations besides the allergens test, to determine triggers. We may also ask you questions in regards to your lifestyle and environment. This is essential in finding out what is causing your breakouts and allergies.

To avail of our skin allergy tests and a personal consultation, please call (501) 227-5210 and schedule an appointment today. Soon you and your family will be enjoying healthier skin and our full support.