Allergy Testing

Get Allergy Tested by Board-Certified Allergists

The best way to treat allergies is to first know exactly which allergens are causing your allergy symptoms. When our body develops an immune response to a harmless substance like pollen, pet dander, or dust mites it causes sneezing, sinus congestion, watery eyes and other common allergy symptoms. 

When you visit one of our offices for allergy skin testing, you will leave the same day knowing exactly which allergens are bothersome to you, and a recommended treatment plan developed by our allergy doctors. 

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Types of Allergy Testing:

There are two main types of allergy testing, allergy skin testing and a blood test. 

Allergy Skin Testing: Skin testing is the most reliable form of allergy testing and is the gold standard for allergy testing. Due to the location of mast cells, just under the skin, the results of skin testing have proven to be more accurate than blood testing in diagnosing allergies.

Blood Testing: Our allergists may order a blood test to measure the amount of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) in the blood. IgE causes mast cells to release histamine, which is responsible for allergy symptoms. While these tests have a wait time to receive the results and can result in false positives, these tests are helpful for some cases.


What We Test For:

Our standard allergy skin tests for many different environmental allergies such as common tree, grass, and weed pollens, as well as mold and dust mites. We also commonly test for animal allergies such as cat, dog, rabbit, mice and cockroach. Our physicians can also help identify if you have a food allergy or an allergy to a stinging insect

What To Expect During Allergy Testing

During your first appointment in our offices, our physicians will discuss your lifestyle, family history, and the timeline of your symptoms. This will help inform the physician about specific allergies that could be causing your symptoms. We recommend stopping certain medications that contain antihistamines three (3) to five (5) days prior to skin testing. 

Our nurses will wall you through the testing process and conduct the skin test on your back. During the test, small bumps may appear on your skin after 10 - 15 minutes to indicate a positive result. You will leave your testing appointment knowing what you are allergic to and with a plan to manage your allergies.

We treat allergies in a three-tiered approach; treatment plans may include:

  • Avoidance of Allergens

  • Medication to control symptoms

  • Allergy Shots


Our board-certified specialists will make an individualized treatment plan for you based on the test results and your patient history.

Don’t wait until you are suffering to do something about your allergies. Schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified allergists, and more towards a clearer tomorrow!

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Meet our Allergists

Our allergists are board certified by the American Board of Allergy & Immunology and specially trained to diagnose and treat allergies. 

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