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4 Reasons Your Child Should Be Allergy Tested

Fall has officially arrived. While you may be happy to see your child back in class, you also have a lot to do to prepare them for the beginning of the school year. Amid buying backpacks and picking up pencils, don’t neglect to have your kids tested for child allergies.

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OTC & Prescription Allergy Drug Differences

There is no cure for allergies, but that does not mean you cannot do anything about them. Your allergist in Little Rock or Conway offers a wide range of allergy treatments, many of which can reduce the severity of your symptoms substantially.

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Understanding Why It Is Important to Have an Asthma Action Plan

The severity and duration of your asthma attacks can worsen without warning as your system undergoes formative changes. Although quick-relief asthma medications can work well to halt attacks in their tracks, their frequency of use tells a different tale. Usage of these medications more than twice a week indicates the immediate need for an asthma…

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