Allergic Reactions

4 Common Allergic Skin Conditions and How We Diagnose Them

Allergies and asthma clinic skin allergy test Little Rock Allergy clinic near me

While there are many common skin conditions that cause itchiness and bumps, it is important to get a good diagnosis. Allergies and asthma clinics can help you with allergy tests so that you know exactly how to protect you and your children from breakouts. Our team in Arkansas has had extensive experience in the diagnosis…

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Myth Busting: Do Allergy Shots Really Work? (YES!)

allergy treatment plan immunotherapy allergy shots in Little Rock Conway Arkansas

Immunotherapy is a medically designed treatment option for allergy sufferers. After following a specific treatment plan, patients often have reduced reactions to known allergies. Immunotherapy has been scientifically shown to have a high level of effectiveness in many patients. A study published by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) in 2016 found…

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The Top 5 Tips for Fighting Fall Allergies in Arkansas

After the hot days of summer, fall can trigger a fresh round of allergies in Arkansas. Ragweed produces huge amounts of pollen at this time of year, while molds feast on fallen leaves. These allergens can trigger symptoms in sufferers of hay fever and childhood allergies. To keep your symptoms under control this fall, use…

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