Lungs and Breathing

Understanding Why It Is Important to Have an Asthma Action Plan

The severity and duration of your asthma attacks can worsen without warning as your system undergoes formative changes. Although quick-relief asthma medications can work well to halt attacks in their tracks, their frequency of use tells a different tale. Usage of these medications more than twice a week indicates the immediate need for an asthma…

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Checklist: Does Your Child Have These Common Asthma Symptoms?

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Many parents struggle to find the root cause of an illness. The symptoms may be subtle, like a cough that just won’t go away. Some symptoms are alarming, like a child suddenly out of breath and unable to recover. A child with respiratory issues may have a cold, a flu or symptoms of one of…

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How to Deal with Cold Weather Asthma in Arkansas

Winter is approaching, and the weather is turning colder in Arkansas. For many children with asthma, winter can be a challenging time. The cooler temperatures and dry air of winter can affect the airways, causing an increase in asthma symptoms. Here’s a look at why cold weather asthma occurs and how to manage your child’s…

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