Checklist: Does Your Child Have These Common Asthma Symptoms?

Common Asthma symptoms

Many parents struggle to find the root cause of an illness. The symptoms may be subtle, like a cough that just won’t go away. Some symptoms are alarming, like a child suddenly out of breath and unable to recover.

A child with respiratory issues may have a cold, a flu or symptoms of one of many types of asthma. By speaking with a medical professional from an allergy clinic, you can find out if those symptoms need a closer look. Often a doctor is best-equipped to rule out other causes of troubling symptoms and to diagnose a chronic condition that requires respiratory treatment. If asthma is present, a specialist at an asthma & allergy clinic can help with an asthma treatment plan that may include allergy shots.

1. Nighttime cough

A child with asthma may cough when laughing or crying, or sometimes they simply cough frequently. Some parents particularly notice an asthma cough during the night.

2. Whistling or wheezing sound

Especially when exhaling, a child with asthma may emit a whistling or wheezing sound through the nose.

3. Trouble breathing

Different breathing patterns may indicate asthma. Rapid breathing, shortness of breath or losing breath often are all examples.

4. Frequent chest colds

Many children get colds and flus. If they tend to end up in the chest in a particular child, it is a potential sign of asthma.

5. Reduced energy during activity

Kids with asthma sometimes have less energy during play time than a parent would expect.

6. Complaints of tightness in the chest

Because of the effects of asthma, a child may say the chest area hurts or feels tight.

7. Weakness or tiredness

Asthma can eventually make kids feel weak or tired. Together with respiratory symptoms, this is a sign of the illness.

Typically a child’s asthma symptoms are present before the age of 5. Since every child is different, it is essential to partner with a doctor who can help you develop a plan of action. The Arkansas Allergy and Asthma Clinic can answer all your questions about helping your child achieve optimal wellness.

About 7 million children in the United States have asthma. If you think your child may be among them, call our Little Rock asthma clinic at (501) 227-5210 or visit our website to make an appointment today.