Sinus & Nasal Allergy Treatments in Little Rock

Sinus and nasal issues are more than a nuisance; they’re a threat to your quality of life. Conditions like allergic rhinitis cause headaches, itchiness, fatigue, sneezing, and countless other symptoms, distracting you and making you uncomfortable throughout the day.

Arkansas Allergy & Asthma Clinic treats chronic and seasonal allergies in Little Rock. Through quality testing, prescriptions, and preventative advice, we can keep you free from sinus and nasal symptoms all year long.

A Thorough Approach to Allergy Management

Arkansas Allergy & Asthma Clinic leaves no stone unturned when dealing with sinus and nasal allergies. We have developed a comprehensive strategy to address your condition correctly from the beginning, which involves:

  • Advanced Testing - Testing is essential to tell the difference between allergies and other conditions with similar symptoms. If you suffer from frequent sinus headaches, for example, allergic rhinitis could be to blame, but so could a sinus infection, which requires a completely different treatment. The allergic rhinitis test lets us know how you should be treated.
  • OTC Medications - For minor sinus and nasal allergies, over-the-counter drugs like decongestants and antihistamines may be enough to solve the problem. We will let you know which drugs to take, as well as whether you should take them as oral medications, nasal sprays, or eyedrops.
  • Prescriptions - Severe nasal and sinus allergies may be too much for standard medications to handle. In this situation, we can prescribe more powerful antihistamines and explain how to take them safely. We are also able to administer allergy shots, which help you to gradually develop an immunity to the allergens.
  • Lifestyle Changes - Besides providing medications, we can also advise you on how to avoid exposing yourself to allergens in the first place. You can make yourself less vulnerable to sinus and nasal conditions like allergic rhinitis through a number of simple lifestyle changes, such as staying indoors when pollen levels are high and wearing sunglasses to keep allergens out of your eyes. You should also keep your floors and furniture clean, change the filters on your home’s HVAC system, close your windows, and wash your hands after touching animals.

Arkansas Allergy & Asthma Clinic has extensive experience with both adult and childhood allergies, and knows how to keep your nose and sinuses clear in any season.

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